Beyond is a salon SERIES designed to accelerate careers through impactful connectionS By bringing together executive level engineering and product managers, with aspiring leaders

A thoughtfully curated guest list will include a range of executive leaders and aspiring leaders from both startups and enterprise companies within engineering and product verticals.

Women are encouraged to share ideas and stories, passing along advice and best practices between multiple generations of women in tech. There will be topics for each salon to inspire discussion. 


A note from the host

My intention is to accelerate careers by making impactful connections across generations of female leaders in tech. The intimacy of each salon allows for radical vulnerability cultivating empowerment, enhancing skills, and organic mentor-mentee relationships to form. The mission is to move beyond talk to advance equality and growth opportunities.  

- Jodi Jefferson


5 principles of the SALONS


1. Immediacy

Transformative change occurs through deep participation. Be available to reap the rewards of immediate experiences by being 100% present. 


2. Radical Vulnerability

There’s beauty and strength in feeling scared, curious and uncertain. Let it happen. Ask for help. When we’re comfortable being vulnerable, we get real with one and other. That’s where the deepest connections are made. 


3. Empowerment

Empower others by sharing resources and celebrating often.


4. Community

Cooperation, collaboration and civic responsibility.


5. Inclusion

We support the virtuous cycle of women helping women and are inclusive of all genders supportive of our mission.



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